Great Gift Ideas for Lovers of Tango

The Tango is one of the most sensual, romantic, sultry and sexy dances known to the world. When a friend, family member or loved one is a huge fan of the Tango it can be challenging to find a gift that they will love as much as their favorite dance. The following list of gift ideas for lovers of the Tango will help you find the perfect present for your lucky gift recipient.

Home DecorHome Décor – You can find many great gift ideas for Tango lovers on any one of the great Print-on-Demand sites online. Anything and everything you could think of that a lover of Tango could enjoy, such as cushion covers that feature a couple dancing the Tango, to their own t-shirt that says clearly that they are a huge lover of Tango. If you can’t find an image that you like you can always create your own items and have them custom made for you.

Stretched Canvas PrintStretched Canvas Print – Does your Tango lover have a favorite photo of themselves dancing? You can have it transferred onto a stretched canvas that can then be proudly displayed in their home. For a more dramatic effect consider having it printed in black and white. Several Print-on-Demand online sites can turn that favorite photo into a beautiful print that would grace any wall and add some personal flair to their décor.

Store Gift CardsGift Cards – One thing Tango dancers need more than just about anything else is excellent footwear. A gift card to a store that sells the right kind of shoes for your Tango lover will be very much appreciated. If your gift recipient dances a lot they are likely to wear out shoes quite often so will need to replace them on a regular basis. While some people thing gift cards are impersonal the opposite can be true because with a gift card your gift recipient can have the fun of choosing their own gift. Set up a day to go shopping with them so you can enjoy their pleasure at selecting the perfect pair of shoes.

Tango CD MusicMusic – Every Tango lover needs music to dance to and often they will want to practice at home. What better gift than music CD’s featuring great Tango music and songs that they can perfect their dance steps to. Bear in mind the level of dance competency and buy music that is suited to their ability, as well as some that is a little harder so they have music that they can work to improve their ability enough to be able to dance to it. Ask at your local music store for the best they have to offer.

Tango Show TicketsShow Tickets – Tickets to a live performance of a Tango show is an experience that all Tango lovers will adore you for. Make it a real night out, with dinner beforehand, then attending the show, and book a nice room at a nearby hotel to stay overnight. Buy souvenirs of the show if available so that they have something physical to remember the night by. While it is not always possible occasionally the cast are available for meeting after the show, so see if you can get your Tango lover back stage to meet one of the Tango dancers from the show.

Tango JewelryJewelry – For a woman a necklace featuring something Tango related would make a wonderful gift that shows you appreciate his love of Tango. For men a set of cufflinks featuring Tango related images or a ring may be a good choice. Alternatively, for the Tango dancer who enters dance competitions, you could buy suitable jewelry for them to wear while dancing.

Tango Music LessonsMusic Lessons – While dancing may be their primary interest in the Tango why not buy them a series of music lessons so they can learn to play Tango music as well. If they already play an instrument and it is suited to Tango music you could choose to buy some Tango sheet music for them to learn by. If they don’t play an instrument a short series of lessons for guitar, piano or another instrument will give your lucky Tango lover something new and exciting to learn that can only add to their love of the sexy and sensual Tango.