Midnight Tango – Show

Midnight Tango show

Stars of the BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing and former World Champions Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, along with a group of 10 world-class tango dancers, dance the tango to the exciting music played by an internationally renowned tango band in a live show that has been enthralling audiences in sold-out performances in London’s West End and around the UK.

The show’s story follows one magical night in the lives of two young people who meet at a late night bar in Buenos Aires, dance the romantic, sexy tango together and fall in love. Full of dazzling performances by all concerned, Vincent and Flavia entertain and amaze their audiences with beautifully executed dance moves to wonderful Tango rhythms. Glamorous costumes, spellbinding dancing and enchanting music make Midnight Tango a spectacular stage production.

Choreographed by Arlene Phillips, judge on the hugely popular So You Think You Can Dance competition, Midnight Tango is energetic, mesmerizing and a smash hit. The single set is a crumbling downtown bar with a dance floor, into which Flavia Cacace makes a dramatic entrance. As the night unfolds the two young people meet, dance together and then as any good romantic storyline dictates there is competition for the girl. The young woman is tempted away by an older man, only to realize that where she truly wants to be is back in the arms of the young man she has only just met. The entire story is told in dance, music and song.

Reviews have been tremendous in their praise of not only the performances of Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone, but also of the 5 other couples and the choreography. Most members of the audiences have left the show feeling exhilarated by the music and precise execution of the dances, which strong encouragement to others to see it.

Midnight Tango Cast

Flavia CacaceFlavia Cacace

Born in Naples, Campania, Italy on March 13 1980, Flavia Cacace is the youngest of six children and moved to England when she was only 4 due to her father, a chef, taking up a new position.

It was also in 2013 that Cacace and Simone announced that they would not be returning to the Strictly Come Dancing television show as they wanted to focus their efforts on choreographing and starring in their own shows. Cacace, along with her professional dance partner, Simone dances under the brand name of Vincent and Flavia and have co-choreographed and starred in three successful shows: Midnight Tango, Dance ’til Dawn, and The Last Tango.

Flavia Cacace is married to Jimi Mistry and while the couple do not have any children as yet they are ‘parents’ to two dogs, a rescue mixed breed and a cockapoo. […]


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